Thursday, 12 January 2012

Back (in denim)

First post in a little while. I would like to say how I've been off doing very interesting things like going to the Arctic with Helen Skelligton off Blue Peter or been abducted by aliens but the truth is that I've been busy with work and Christmas and so haven't been gaming much and certainly haven't had any time to write. This isn't the only game that we played over this period. We payed at least a couple of games of Space Hulk, a bit of summoner Wars, Monopoly Deal (which is an excellent game for a fiver) and various other kids games. This is the first that I've had some time to blog about though.

The other day Holdenstein Jr asked if we could play a game of Warmachine, so I ventured out to the shed to get a board and some scenery and we did. Stryker vs Kreoss again, this time with Junior bagsying Stryker, so I took the partially painted Kreoss and got first turn. We set up across from each other and advanced.
warmachine jan 002
Junior's Cygnar
warmachine jan 003
My Menoth
In my second turn I misjudged some distances which left me in no-man's land with my melee jacks, but able to get first blood by setting Junior's Charger on fire

warmachine jan 005
First Blood
Junior then returned the complement by charging his Ironclad and Lancer in and shooting the Charger at the Revenger. He also disrupted the with Stryker's gun. The Ironclad managed to get a bit of damage done before getting pushed away from the Revenger by its repulsor shield.

warmachine jan 006
Stryker about to pounce
That was a bit of a pain, as it meant no boosting for my best 'jack even though it was in range. I just had to settle for meandering in and trying to hit the Lancer with the Crusader and the flail on the Repenter. Unsurprisingly not much damage was done. Kreoss advanced and set Stryker on fire with Immolation which was nice, although not for Stryker. I also forgot to use my feat, which at the time was a terrible thing.

Junior went for the kill this round. He put a point of focus on the Charger to move round and boost against Kreoss (with some success) put the Ironclad back into combat with the Revenger, and finally charged Kreoss with Stryker, popping Stryker's feat just in case. Junior should have done me then, but fluffed his last two hit rolls and left Kreoss on two wounds. This is where forgetting to use my feat on the previous turn was lucky. I knocked Stryker over and gave him the sort of pummelling that even +5 Arm can't help.
warmachine jan 007

So a win for me, but what did we learn? Well Junior prefers Warmachine to Space Hulk, because you can do almost anything, and I enjoyed myself and I think have worked out why I don't like Warmachine. Wait I hear you say, you just said you enjoyed yourself, what's all this about not enjoying Warmachine. That's correct. I enjoyed this game and I have enjoyed all the other games that I have played at this size. What I have never enjoyed is 25 to 35 point games. I think that it's a combination of ever increasing numbers of special rules, totally optimised lists and the Caster kill end to the game that do it. It's a lot of effort for a game that might last a turn and a half or five, and a small mistake or not understanding all of your opponents abilities can easily lead to the end of the game. I would rather have a game that lasts for a relatively predictable time, which Warmachine is at this level.

I hope to be updating the blog fairly regularly now, so check back soon!

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