Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shadewraith and Grimnir's Thunder

Two more ships for Dreadfleet now.

First up the Shadewraith. Simple paint scheme: Celestra Grey base, Green Wash, Celestra grey layer and white extreme Highlight. Then there's a few splodges of very thin green/grey paint wash, to break it up and give a bit more variation. Done, and easily used on any other ghostly model you might see.

Also there's Grimnir's Thunder. Pretty easy to paint, with lots of metallics and washes.

Finally the Dirigible and the Bone Hydra. Add your own Yakety Sax

Next up, the Elf and Elemental ships, plus two more of the beasties, which are based on the Zombie and Spectral paint schemes above.
I might get round to those Vanguard Vets at some stage plus I had a weird yearning to paint a metal Legolas. Not sure why....

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