Friday, 30 November 2012

Middle Earth

Well you might not be, but I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Hobbit release. Prices are the only thing that is slowing me up slightly, but it's payday today and GW will probably get their man. I've bee doing some painting inspired by Hobbit related stuff...
Rangers of Middle Earth

Yeah, sorry about  the picture here, but I can't be arsed to redo it.
Rangers of Middle Earth
Legolas, Glorfindel and a giant
That's another piece of the Dreadfleet set done.
All nice models to paint. The Rangers do suffer from that thing that single piece plastics have where details like the bows occasionally merge in to their cloaks, but in general they are still pretty good.

Next up, you might actually see those Vanguard Vets- they are getting close! Plus the Elven ship from Dreadfleet is getting close now.

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