Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gary Mawlock

I've had a week off work, so managed to finish my Mawlock in between the weather being good enough to lay Mrs. H's Patio. Basing was a bit of a brain ache, as it would have eaten anything organic, so I've gone for something quite minimal. I call him Gary. Gary Mawlock.
Gary Mawlock


And also the Swordfysh, which like all the Dreadfleet models is a thing of great beauty, but also huge complexity and very time consuming to get painted up. They go from looking so-so to looking great (if I may say so) suddenly and only after a lot of work I've nearly finished the Bloody Reaver too. Or as Alan Partridge might say, "The Ruddy Reaver"

Swordfysh front

Swordfysh side

Next up, the aforementioned Bloody Reaver from Dreadfleet, plus those Vanguard Vets.

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