Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Relic entertainment

I had a game of 6th Edition 40K last night down at the Wakefield Warriors club. It was a marine on marine affair, but very much livened up by playing a mission that’s new to sixth. We were playing relic, with the short table edge deployment type, which was nice and new. Both my opponent and I were getting a bit more confident with the rule set now, and although we forgot to roll for night fighting in the first turn and got thoroughly confused about vehicle and transport moving, the rules galloped along at a fair old lick. I’m pretty sure that unless you play two armies with mixed saves in every single unit (Space Wolves I’m looking at you) then they play a little faster than the 5th edition rule set. In the end I think that I lost the mission (5 points to 1) due to not combat squadding my tactical squads and feeding the little combat squads to his Deathstar unit. This thing was a destructive force of nature, featuring 5 lightning claw terminators, a chaplain and Pedro Kantor, from Land Raider Crusader. That’s +1A, Re-roll hits and Wounds at AP3 on the turn that they charged. The Lightning Claws guys delivered 16 Wounds on to my tactical squad. Ouch. What I should have done (and normally do) is split the squads, leave the heavy weapons at the back and feed the terminators half a squad at a time, to keep them away from the relic. 

The other mistake I made was that I deployed my Sternguard in drop pod badly, to take out one of my opponent’s scoring units. Not sure what I should have done, but I definitely didn’t do it right. Perhaps I should have dropped them further to one flank, so that they dragged more of my opponent’s units out of position.

Relic was fun and the secondary objectives work nicely, and the deployment style was fine too. It gives a narrow front and deep deployment zone, although you can’t get too far away from the enemy, especially now that all vehicles can go 18” in a turn if they want to. That gap is very easily closed in just two turns for assault armies.

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