Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sloan's Rangers (Gun Mages)

Here's a little more painting for you, this time of a Warmachine bent. I'm pretty happy with how these all turned out, but the pictures are actually nicer than the models in real life. Which is nice

Back in Black 13th

Love these models and the normal gun mages. Great concept well executed. Oddly small, but we'll get on to that in a minute...

Kara Sloan

Has her jeans tucked into her boots (probably). Actually I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out, especially the face, and the photo is better than the paint job. This is one of those models which you actually would prefer in resin, rather than metal, as the join between the arm and body is so tiny that it's a complete bugger to get to stick, and I had to resort to a green stuff "pin", which is the worst solution.

And a bit of scale creep...

Honestly these models look as though they are separated by 15 years and a game system, but it was only three years between their releases. Either the Black 13th are tiny, or Kara Sloan's FMB's have got some serious heels on. And her head is enormous.

On the painting table, my Vanguard vets are coming on nicely and should be next up on the blog, and then I might have accidentally bought a Storm Talon. And two second hand finecast tyrant guard. Look they were only £10 each. And the Storm Talon was 20% off from the excellent Wargames Emporium in Sheffield. I was practically saving money.

Or something.

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